Methuen Public School’s Response to COVID-19 School Closure

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Summer Grab and Go Lunch Bus

Beginning Monday, June 22, we will have two school buses delivering our grab and go lunch bags at 12 stops throughout the city from 9-12pm. Please see the flyer for the stops and the details.

Each route is focused on a different section of the city. This is open to all Methuen students. The bus will be at each stop for approximately 20 minutes to allow for students to come out and grab the lunch bags. Our staff will be present at each stop and will enforce social distancing and safety at each stop. Students should grab the lunch bag and not congregate with friends or neighbors. We will do our best to stick to this timeline each day. Most important – keep your eye out for the yellow school bus! Each family’s well being is the most important factor during this time of uncertainty and we hope this can help every family.

Summer Bagged Breakfast & Lunches

In addition to the grab and go lunch bus, bagged breakfast and lunches will still be provided from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Monday through Friday at the Tenney Grammar School, Upper School Side.


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Helping Children Cope

Here is a brief video about how to help children cope after a disaster in American Sign Language (ASL). Although this is for disasters, the message applies for outbreaks and the ASL translation is helpful to provide.